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"V'yasem l'cha shalom"
"And may it bring you peace..."
'Children's Blessing'
Jewish Americana by Amanda & Berek Awend

Amanda & Berek Awend are brought together by a love of music and Judaisim.

With Jewish Americana, they want to create a new sound that combines their affinity for American music and fuse it with traditional Jewish prayers.

Amanda grew up singing with her mom, Cheryl Lane in Nashville, Tennessee. Cheryl adds a flair to the recordings of Jewish Americana that can only be attained through a mother/daughter harmony.

Berek on the other hand, started playing music in college and became fascinated with arranging and writing songs. After playing with numerous bands all over the midwest, he was finally able to find his muse with Amanda when they started working on the songs for Jewish Americana.

After reconnecting with their counselor and music director of Camp Ramah, Matt Kalin, Amanda & Berek were able to tighten up their songs and with his guidance, recorded Jewish Americana in his studio. Backed by the Twin Cities finest Jazz and Rock musicians, Jewish Americana has a sound you won't soon forget.

The album also documents the couple's transition into parenthood and is dedicated to their son, Ezra, who was born right before recording of Jewish Americana was completed.

Amanda & Berek are confident that you will find a place for Jewish Americana in your home, congregation, or camp.

Available soon everywhere!

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